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Let Your Pain Produce Your Purpose

LaTasha M. Hicks

There are many types of warfare that many of us face with unanswered questions, undefined direction, and unbearable decisions in life. Many battle against warfare in their minds, their spirituality, their emotions, their families, their finances, their bodies, and many other facets of life. W.O.W Winning Over Warfare Resource Ministries, LLC is a resource organization designed to provide resources for those that are widows/widowers and those that are wounded from unexpected & sudden traumas in their lives. When these individuals feel like all hope is lost, like there is no purpose for living, like no one cares, like there is no direction in life for them, like they are looked on differently, W.O.W. Resource Ministries provides information from various organizations that the individuals can find support from. We provide resources to aid individuals with emotional, mental, spiritual, financial health, and other minor aspects of health. III John 1:2 says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

My Push To You 

Image by Gift Habeshaw

Many have said that death could never hit home close to them. Many have said that they would live a long life together as husband and wife. Yet many have never felt the pain of a widow or a widower unless they have walked in their shoes. I never thought that it could happen to me so very soon! What was the best time of my life (besides salvation from the Lord) turned out to be the worse time of my life. My husband, my soul mate, my prayer partner, and my best friend passed away on March 16, 2020 unexpectedly and suddenly from heart failure. From that day, my whole life changed instantly! Yes, it was unbearable, it was emotionally overwhelming, tears flowing heavily to the point where I had to come up for air many times in my early stages of bereavement. I thought I was going to literally lose my breathing, gasping for air because I had lost half of my heart. As time progressed after two – three months of heavy stages of grieving, the Lord began to really deal with me to let me know that this happened not by mistake but by his will. Sometimes we pray for God’s healing upon an individual but in reality sometimes, their healing comes on the other side and God has a better will for them to his use.  Before the most painful day of my life, as I look back God was preparing the both of us for that day of his transition. Sometimes as you look and think back, you see the signs, you see the more spending time with each other, you see the more closeness with an individual that was even greater than your wedding day. You see all of the signs and yet every day you could be getting prepared for that specific day.  Several have said to me that when things like this happen so suddenly and unexpectedly to an individual regarding such a good person in your life; it is truly a sign that there is a special anointing, a special gift, a special purpose in your life that is unique from others. It is a sign that manifests in your life to let you know that you are being prepared for, polished for, and established for greater from the Lord. Something unique and different that no one has ever done! So as the Lord began to show me night after night, day after day, morning after morning, I could not help myself but to write everything down that was being revealed and manifested to me. In addition to this, there were so many other signs of confirmation not just from the Lord but in other ways. I want to encourage all widows and widowers; not just to them, but those who have been wounded & weary, and having unexpected traumas in their lives. Never stop defining or knowing your purpose in life. You have still have a seed in you that needs to grow and come to fruition. But remember that seed has to go through the dirt and the rain in order to blossom into what it was designed to become. If you were equipped for this type of warfare, you can WIN it; no matter what type of warfare it is. It's time to restore, renew, and regain the YOU! Your story is not over! You have to still live your life again! Don't Quit! Be Encouraged! You may not see it right now, but the sun will shine after while.  

                        It's Time To Be Fully Equipped To Win Every Warfare!                         Remember After The Warfare, there is Peace! 


  • Approximately, 50% leave the church they attended as a couple

  • Widows/widowers lose 75% of their friendship network when they become one

  • 60% of widows experience serious health issues in their first year of the loss of their beloved

  • 1/3 of widows meet the criteria for clinical depression in the first month after their spouses’ death

  • ½ of widows remain clinically depressed a year later. Most experience a financial decline.

  • 70% of widows become invisible or less utilized in ministry positions, small group participation, or social events. 

For those that are widows, no one can ever feel and understand our pain completely unless they have been in our shoes.

For those that are wounded in heart, you can heal from your emotions, your traumas, your setbacks. Don’t ever feel like this is the end. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. It’s okay to admit that you need someone to talk to, to confide in, to seek professional counseling!

For those that are weary in their doings, there is a scripture in the word of God that says, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." Galatians 6:9 KJV

Researching and Writing

Take The V.I.P (Victim's Internal Pledge) Challenge

  • Whether if you are a widow/widower, whether if you a widow/widower remarried, whether if you are wounded in your heart and mind from unexpected situations in your life, whether if you feel weary and think that your life is of no use, let these words of pledge encourage you

  • I will not let my past prevent my progress

  • I will move on to fulfill that purpose that is divinely designed for me

  • I will allow the Lord to send me the right circle of supporters to pray for me and not prey on me; to bless me and not break me

  • I will mend from my mistakes, heal from my hurts, & produce from my pain

  • I will not allow my failures, setbacks, and disappointments to bury my hope & faith in the ground but to grow through the dirt of despair

  • I will be determined to win in this warfare of pain, sorrow, sudden situations, challenges, tests, and trials

  • I will not be stagnant in my ministry, business, or my vision but move with faith over fear

  • I will conquer the fear (CTF) and face the challenge (FTC) to complete my assignment in this life

  • I will not allow any negativity block my present nor barricade my future.  

Taking Notes