Tips For Managing Grief

  • Don't get stuck in neutral gear with your grief. If you do, you won't be able to move or drive forward.

  • It's alright to cry or scream if you need to. Releasing will help to heal you as time goes by. Everyone expect you to cry the same but remember that everyone grieves differently.  Not all will grieve in the form of tears. Some grieve or manage grief by exercising, cleaning, talking, or performing other tasks or activities.

  • Remember that you have a unique story to tell to be a help to others to overcome! You survived it because you were built for it!

  • Join A Comfortable and fruitful support group for you – whether a sisterhood widows group or a brotherhood widower group. No one can understand you better other than those who have experienced the same grief as you have.

  • Pray, Seek comfort and love from the word of God.

  • Although your circle will become smaller after losing your spouse, you will notice that there will be a "New" network circle through support groups, relief programs, and others who can provide meaningful resources to you to help you stay occupied.

  • Join Arts/Crafts group to help exercise and occupy your mind mentally.

  • Join a church designed to aid you with inspirational motivation and encouragement.

  • Write  a letter to your loved one for closure. 

  • Write your thoughts and expressions inside of a journal. Sometimes expressing your innermost feelings, your emotions, your dreams, and your thoughts in written format can be very therapeutic.

  • It’s okay to say “No” sometimes to some people’s requests, to allow yourself to heal from a hurt, a pain, sorrow, or grief. If they want you to stay in good health both mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, they would understand.

  • Do not isolate yourself from everyone but connect with various inspiring and helpful supporters & get involved.

  • Share your story to others which can not only serve as a healing tool for them but also for you.

  • Get involved with volunteer work that would best interest you (online strongly recommended).

  • You deserve  to treat yourself! Self-Care is certainly a healing and helping tool for you as you go through this difficult time. Take out time just for you and do it gradually!

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